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Gaming Resources: Tools

Die rollers, character builders, combat trackers, map makers... there are a number of tools online designed specifically for gamemasters.


Collections of Gamers' Tolls

  • EPOSIC RPG is a site that has a number of different RPG tools online, including a combat manager, a die roller, weather forecasters, and random generators for events, magical effects, NPCs, etc.

Tools for Mapping

General Purpose Drawing/Illustration Tools

Mapping/drawing tools Made for Gamers

"Real" Mapping Tools

Die Rollers

Character Creation Aids

PBEM/Play-by-Chat Aids

  • The PBEM Emporium supports mainly PBEM wargames, but the same tools may be of use for battles or other "map-board" actions in RPGs.

  • JV_Map is a Java PBEM aid that lets you move counters around on a map.

  • V_Map is a Windows PBEM aid (with which JV_Map is compatable).


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